Please accept my thanks to you and your employees for your service and help in the preparation of the baby goat that I sen/ed last week at my dinner party for my book club. The time that you spent with me was most appreciated. The marinade was delicious and I followed your instructions exactly.

When we removed the goat from the packaging, my husband poured the marinade in a bowl and used it to baste the meat while it was on the grill. He cooked it on the grill’s lowest flame for just over an hour.

My guests we amazed, and not one bite was left. I received many, many compliments about the spice and had to explain that “Mr. Hussein” did all

the preparation, not I. Several guests asked for small samples of the mixed spices to take home with them. The following night we used the spices on chicken, and once again our meal was delicious.

I have never shopped in a market that provides such personalized sen/ice as yours, and believe me; I have shopped a lot of years!

Please convey my appreciation to your employees, particularly your talented butcher. I only know how to say his name, Katan, but do not know how to spell it. I was also able to speak with Mr. Rashid and express my thanks.

Two days ago I realized that I had lost my cell phone. I have been calling its number, and today a lady answered from the Babylon market. She said it had been found in your parking lot and that she was holding it in your office. What another wonderful surprise. Therefore, I will be traveling to your market again tomorrow to pick up my phone, and while there I hope to
buy some more mixed spices.

Most Sincerely,

I love your grocery store, great food!

Thank You!
Peace & Love


Thank you very much for the wonderful arrangement you did for us. It was plenty yet delicious and it was on time.

Thank you again,