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Babylon Market Tucson - About Us
Babylon Tucson Market is an international and middle eastern market located at 3954 E. Speedway Blvd. just east of Alvernon on the south side of the street right on Speedway. The Tucson market opened it’s door to the public on 08/17/2009. It’s a family owned and operated business. The two owners and their wives are available to serve you all the time with any questions about the products or your needs. So just try to visit the store and you will have a great experience.

Babylon Tucson Market carry different food products from all over the world but mainly Middle eastern items and other European, Iranian, Indian, Pakistani, African, Armenian and Greek items. All our Meat and food products are Halal and we sell Beef, Lamb, and Goat meat. We also carry many ready to eat Halal products like beef patties, chicken, Hot dogs, Pastermi, Gyro, Meatballs, samosa, cheese and spinach pies, veggie and meat pizza’s and much more ready to eat frozen items.

We carry different kinds of Pita Bread like Arabic and good bread the white and wheat. we also sell the bread for the Gyros and it’s called Chicago bread. Babylon Tucson Market also have al Hana bread also the white and the wheat. and many other kinds of bread like the Iraqi tanoor bread and Lavash Iranian bread.

You will see when you visit the store a whole section for tea and coffee products which is an important item in the middle eastern culture because we like to drink lots of tea and coffee. Babylon Tucson Market have many kinds of Turkish, Arabic and Bosnian coffee. same with the tea we carry many brands of tea that comes from all over the world.

Babylon Tucson market also has many different rice brands, for example just the Basmati rice we have over 10 different brands. In addition to the Egyptian rice and Chinese and American rice. We also carry many dairy products like all kinds of cheese like feta cheese, Syrian, Nabulsi, akawi, and craft cheese. In addition to different kinds of Lebni and yogurts.

Dates are a very good selling item at Babylon Tucson market with more than five different kinds of dates and of course, the fresh Majdol big dates are the most common one to bring your attention when you visit the store. In Babylon Tucson Market there is a whole section for household items and you will see all kinds of tea and coffee pots, tea and coffee sets that you are not going to see in other stores with very reasonable prices. also many different other items for cooking and preparing food.

We also sell fresh produce that comes from California like Persian cucumber and sweet lemon and many other fruits and vegetables. We have a whole section for sweets and candies. like baklava stuffed with either pistachios or walnuts. we carry more than five different brands that we get fresh every week. In addition to great selections of gift candy’s and biscuits, date cookies, enough's Turkish delight and cakes.

Spices also have its own section at Babylon Market with all different kinds in addition to Tahini and hummus and fava beans, grape leaves, stuffed grape leaves, different kinds of jams, juices, and many more items.